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Advertisers   About SPONADS
  SPONADS is a new way of monetizing your unsold ad space in a traditional fashion. Our method is simple yet highly effective as we take the oldest and most recognized ways of driving traffic to websites and created SPONADS to help advertisers and publishers connect and fulfill the requirements of both parties.

SPONADS is a relatively new company, yet our people have years of industry related experience, so whatever your advertising or publishing needs are, you can be rest assured that your business is in good hands.

SPONADS was launched in early 2008 to help the founders manage the monetization for a large network of websites. These sites were missing out on multiple revenue opportunities as valuable ad space was going unused. This also presented advertisers with an opportunity to drive this unused and targeted traffic to their own sites.

SPONADS goal is to provide publishers with a simple solution for generating revenue from their sites by putting up banner space for sale and then sitting back and letting us connect them with relevant advertisers.

We also provide advertisers with a superb catalogue of targeted sites which will in turn send relevant and high converting traffic to their own sites and ensure they make the most of their Advertising dollars.

Give SPONADS a try and find out just how easy it is to monetize your sites and run successful advertising campaigns.

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