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Advertisers   General Explanation
  SPONADS is an advertising marketplace where publishers submit their site and then receive an ads code which is then inserted onto the site in question.

Once that code has been loaded our system starts gathering data, such as unique impressions and prepares a monthly report for the publisher that gives an approximation of the traffic that site receives.

Advertisers can then browse through our extensive Ads catalogue and once their accounts have been pre-funded can purchase spots on the sites most relevant to their target market.

How publishers get paid:
Once a successful purchase is made, our publishers have access to a real-time system that shows their sites “Current Earnings.”

These are filed under the publishers account but are for the current ongoing campaign.

Once the purchased time is completed and the publisher has complied with the spirit of the contract (not removing ads code or taking the website down) then the publishers earnings are automatically updated to “Pending Status” which means the publisher has completed the ads rotation and has earned the specified amount.

All "Pending Status" payments of the month will be paid to the publisher on the 15th of next month.

If an advertiser prolongs the advertisement campaign then the publisher is still paid the initial campaign earnings amount on the 15th. The prolonged payment will go into "Pending Status" upon completion of the prolonged period of time.

Advertiser Information:
Should an advertiser wish to prolong an ads campaign, then they need to submit the extension request before the campaign expires.

Once the campaign has expired other advertisers can also purchase the same spot, which means if the campaign isn’t renewed pre expiry it may not be available on expiry as all spots could be full.

Interested advertisers should register on SPONADS and prefund their accounts. These funds can then be used to purchase Ad spots on relevant sites, by browsing through the SPONADS Publisher inventory. If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of our marketplace, please see what other Users are saying and take a look through our FAQ’s.

In order to keep the Sponads marketplace effective and of high quality, all Adverts submitted need approval from SPONADS staff.

Newly registered advertisers have a $100 dollar limit. To raise this limit or for a managed advertising campaign please contact SPONADS at advertisers@sponads.com

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