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Advertisers   SPONADS FAQ's
  What is SPONADS?
- SPONADS is an advertising marketplace/network where you can buy or sell advertisements for a flat monthly rate (1 month refers to 30 days.)

Why should I use SPONADS?
- Intelligent systems that allow both advertisers and publishers to make the most of their sites and campaigns
- Experienced management team with years of industry related experience.
- Large marketplace offering a great choice of sites to advertisers and a large number of advertisers interested in purchasing banner space on sites across all categories.

What is pricing for ads?
- Pricing for advertisements is set by the publishers willing to sell the space in question.

When will ads go live?
- Orders placed by an advertiser will go live as soon as SPONADS staff approves the adverts. Staff approval is compulsory as we wish to maintain the quality of the ads being rotated on publisher sites. Please read Terms and Conditions for the type of ads that are not allowed.

How is traffic measured?
- SPONADS gives publishers an ads code which they insert on their site and from that moment SPONADS tracks the number of impressions and number of unique impressions in a given timeframe.

What are different banner sizes?
- Some banner sizes allows only 2 ads while some allow 4 so the more ads allowed on a banner will make more revenue for publisher.

Can a Publisher approve or disapprove ads?
- No. Publishers cannot approve or disapprove ads. But if a publisher feels there are ads being rotated on their site that are not allowed according to SPONADS terms and conditions they can contact SPONADS staff by emailing them at staff@sponads.com

Can I run SPONADS along with other ads?
- As far as SPONADS program is concerned it allows you to run any other ads on the page where the SPONADS code is. We cannot make statements on behalf of other companies so you should contact their support staff and enquire if they allow you to use SPONADS code on the same page or not.

How are payments counted?
- Payments are counted on 50% revenue share basis. SPONADS handles the servers, sales, billing, processing and customer service.

How do I get payments?
- As of now SPONADS only sends payments via Paypal. If in future we do integrate new payment systems we will update this page.

What is the minimum payment sent?
- There are no minimum payments. You will be sent whatever you have earned.

What is pending payment status?
- Pending payment status is the payments that you have earned by completing the ads campaign on your site and this payment will be sent to you on next payment date.

How should I price my ads?
- Depending on your traffic and niche you should price your ads sensibly. Unrealistically priced banner spots will not be approved so it is a good practice to price it accordingly. Please see our pricing guide for more information

What if the ads code does not work on my site?
- The ads code is very simple to integrate as all you have to do is put it on your site pages. There is no programming knowledge required for this. If you know basic HTML then this is beneficial for placement of banners.
For an easy installation guide please click here

How many banners I can put on a single page?
- You can put only 1 banner on a single page.

How can I view my financial Information/Statistics?
- You can view all relevant financial data by logging into you account.

How can I close or delete my account on SPONADS?
- You can close or delete your account on SPONADS by emailing our customer services department at staff@sponads.com. If your account does not have any issues pending we will delete your account.

Note: We are constantly updating this page with relevant and helpful information, but should you have a query that isn’t covered here, please contact us at staff@sponads.com and a customer service representative will answer your query.

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